Being Me…

and discovering that that is quite the roller coaster ride. Wanna come along?

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Well life is returning

Heh, though I suppose getting drunk with the girls and then spending the day out in the sun at the wine festival MIGHT not have been the best for me…

It was however the best tasting medicine I’ve ever had ūüėÄ ¬†I even got a hot toddy for free from a wonderful bartender ūüėÄ

I think I MIGHT actually feel human, completely, by Halloween!  Yes, there IS progress!

Then it is on to WTF is going with my seven-year-old. ¬†We’ve actually recently started a therapy process with him. ¬†We believe that he is having some issues dealing with his sister’s condition, so we are starting to see someone with the the hope that they can help us work our way through this as gracefully as possible. ¬†We shall see.

I’m just tired, sick, and ready for another weekend…and starting all of this all over again.

Three bright points in the day:

1.  Absolutely beautiful day

2.  My daughter waved at me (she rarely does that)

3.  I am having my own quiet time now, right before bed.


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Sick, sick, sick

I’m off to read soon. ¬†Seems the cold I’ve had for a while now (thanks to school starting and weather changing) is getting worse, not better. ¬†Well, at the least, it is lingering. ¬†I have no doubt that recent stresses and losses and tough choices have played a part in it; I just wonder if it will clear up now. ¬†Sigh.

Sick and tired – of being sick, and tired.

On the bright side, this weekend I will be spending time with two wonderful “girl” friends – and relaxing and enjoying wine in the sun! ¬†That should fix me right up! ¬†That’s right, there is a wine festival and town and the girls are having girls’ day/night out! ¬†Yay!