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Giving Thanks

We had a delightful day at my brother- and sister-in-law’s house.  It was my husband’s family, and my mom and stepdad.  Thankfully there was no unpleasantness with my stepfather who has been known to be ugly to my mother.

Our daughter had a wonderful time running around outside and we discovered, to our delight, that she is taking an interest in dogs.  A family member of my sister-in-law’s brought a whippet with her and she and my daughter had a great time running around the yard.

My son had fun playing with his little cousin.  They played inside, then moved outside, thanks to a beautiful 70-degree day.

The adults all ate a tremendous lunch of turkey, ham, rolls, mashed potatoes, corn with cumin and other spices, sweet potatoes, and so many other delicious foods.  There was so much food I didn’t make it to desert.  After that we sat around talking, which I really enjoyed.  I don’t usually have that much time to talk with people because our daughter usually doesn’t do well in large gatherings.  She has, apparently, come a long way in just one year.  Sometimes it takes a family gathering to make you see what has been happening gradually under your own nose.

What am I giving thanks for?  I am grateful for fun family members, for good friends (online, near, and those far away).  I am grateful for family, who have been such a wonderful source of support for me.  I am grateful for my husband and children.  I am grateful for my stepmother who made my father so happy for 24 years, and for her son, my brother – he’s been very good to me and is very thoughtful.  I could go on, and I will on other occasions, but I’m afraid today’s eating has caught up with me…I’m sleepy.



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Thanksgiving 2012 – Gratitude

This has been a difficult year for us, but we’ve survived – we’ve even flourished.  I am grateful for so much now – our health, the relationship between me and my husband, the love between the four of us.

I’m grateful for the small steps my daughter has taken this year – learning to point her toes when we put her pants on, opening her mouth willingly when we brush her teeth, holding a toothbrush and trying to brush her teeth.  I’m grateful for the big steps she has made: sitting still in class for 20 minutes or so at a time and paying attention, responding affectionately to people around her, interacting more with people and things around her.

I’m grateful for my son – he’s a sweet, caring, polite, smart, funny, loving boy.  I am grateful for all the progress he’s made and for his newfound LOVE of reading (he’s devouring books faster than I can provide him new ones).  I’m grateful for all the help he’s given me, sometimes even unasked.  I’m grateful for his sunshine-y attitude.

I am grateful for the support of my parents and Andy’s.  That has been a gift beyond price and I cannot thank them enough.