Being Me…

and discovering that that is quite the roller coaster ride. Wanna come along?

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I really need another me…or two or three

I have upcoming appointments – each of our children needs to be in a different place at precisely the same time.

I have company coming this weekend – a good thing, but … well, time consuming….

I have a move coming up.  I need to clean out, donate, sell, and rearrange.  I need to get various things to other people’s houses – like the outside toys.  I need to box, box, box.

School is getting ready to start and I still need to make arrangements for transportation and supplies.

And we’re supposed to go out of town at exactly the time we’re moving…we planned the trip before the move became official.  Sigh.    I know I can do most of the things that need going, but I really think that last trip is going to have to be cancelled…I don’t see any way around it.

No doubt knowing all of the things that are going on is part of the reason I’m having a terrible case of insomnia right now.

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Packing, moving, unpacking…ugh

Well it appears that our application for the apartment complex was accepted. I’m going to call Monday to confirm that they will have the layout we requested available when we need it.

Now comes the “argh, I’m going to pull my hair out part” – packing and living with boxes around me for what feels like an eternity….sigh.

I know we’ll have help when we need it, but I really hate this part. At least now, we figure we can stay in the apartment for as long as we chose – no more moving after two years because the owners want their townhouse back! I have enjoyed living here, but it will be nice to stay in one place and move when WE are ready to do it!

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The new house, moving, sick with a cold blues…

Ok – not so blue really.  I think I’m on the upswing from the cold, despite a lingering cough.  Yes, we did just fill the space we made yesterday with more boxes, but that’s the last of the stuff from storage.  Now when we empty a box and create space, it will remain free!  Yay!

We also found the linens – that’s helpful.  I’m tired of taking sheets off the bed to wash and put right back on – same thing with towels!

I think our children are also recovering rapidly now – that is terrific from a temperment point of view.  There’s nothing quite like a sick three year old!

All in all, I think this week coming up should be a good one: busy and full of tiring work unpacking, but fulfilling as we get comfortable with new home and new routines.  It is incredible to have some quiet and privacy again!