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Busy Days

Oh June…what a month.  Our children’s birthdays are on the 7th and the 11th, two years apart.  Father’s Day is afterward.  School gets out.  My daughter’s summer school starts right at the end, and this year, so does summer camp for her.  It is all good stuff – and we’re really THRILLED about summer camp – but it makes me tired to think of preparing for all of it.  Sigh.  I have to get over that.

Add to that that both kids have recently had a stomach bug and my daughter doesn’t understand throwing up into a trash can, and you can imagine that things have really been hectic lately. That little detail – that she doesn’t understand throwing up into a trash can – exemplifies the little complications in our life.   One of those little details those on the outside of our life don’t see or think about.  Thankfully, this particular complication is not an issue very often but still…sigh.  It would be nice if we could explain it to her.

Hello June