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The end of an era

Today was the end of an era.  Our 19-year-old Saturn car was towed away after we signed the title over to a junk yard.  It will be picked apart and sold for parts.  It was a good car, very reliable and had few issues until the last few years.  It died the day before Christmas and it has taken us this long to actually get rid of it.

It is funny – I didn’t expect to really feel anything.  It is just a car.  However, it has been part of our lives – 19 years out of our 24 year marriage.  We brought both babies home from the hospital in it.  We moved from Norfolk to Northern Virginia and back again in it.  We bought it when my husband first broke into his field, computer programming, as a celebration and a demonstration that finally our struggles had lead to real, reliable jobs (in Northern Virginia, making actual living wages).

Good bye my old friend.