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Getting Myself Together for 2017

I realize we’re only two days into the new year, but I am still getting myself together.  Andy and I both caught colds at the tail end of last week and spent the weekend trying to recuperate.  Gotta be ready for work, after all.  Be sick on your own time, and all that.  I guess I really shouldn’t say that; my employer isn’t quite that bad…close, but not quite.

However, I still need to clarify some of my goals.  That may take a little while.  In the mean time, I plan on working on exercise and weight loss, since those will improve my health and help me de-stress at the same time.  In addition, I plan to read more and start some online courses, in an effort to stretch myself some.  I even have a stack of books from the library to get me started.

My goal is to have my goals organized by next weekend – with room for growth and change, of course.  After all,  stuff happens and you’ve got to be flexible.


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Thoughts on 2017

Areas for goals (a work in progress)

  • Mind
    • Read a book per week.
    • Take online each semester.
  • Body
    • Lose 50 pounds.
    • De-stress daily.
    • Learn to meditate.
  • Spiritual
    • Join a church.
    • Spiritual disciplines
    • Have a more spiritual life.  Set a better example.
  • Self-Care
    • Develop a self-care routine.
    • Learn to handle stress better.
  • Financial
    • Set up arrangements for S and A.
    • Work on retirement.
  • Character
    • What is important to me in life?
    • What values do I want to have?
  • Relationships
    • Marriage
    • Kids
    • Other family
    • Friends
  • Parenting
    • Proactive
    • Active in school life
  • Social
    • Friends
    • Work
    • Family
  • Quality of life
    • Where do I want to live?
    • What do I want my daily life to look like?
  • Life vision
    • What do I want to be my contribution to the community/world?

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December 2016

It is so hard to believe that we are down to the last month of 2016.  Where has the time gone?  Sad to say, I haven’t accomplished many of the goals I had for this year.  I fell into a funk for a good portion of the year and just couldn’t get out of it, at least not enough to be successful in accomplishing my goals.  Basically, I did the bare necessities for the greater portion of the year.  Oh I had good periods where I accomplished things – bursts of energy – but they were scattered.  This sounds really negative, and I suppose that it is, but I am on an upward swing.

I have hopes for this month, and for 2017.  I had an adjustment made to a medication I’m on and it has made a world of difference.  Now I actually want to do many of the things I know that I NEED to do.  Here’s to good things happening and progress in December and then in 2017.

Now, for December, I do have things I want and/or need to accomplish:


  • Focus on kids’ needs for school and for projects
  • Get ready for Christmas by 12/15/16
  • Make something for Christmas Eve celebration – new recipe


  • Finish up audits from November.
  • Prepare December audits and make minor tweaks where necessary.


  • Keep spending down to a level that I can pay off by February.
  • Plan spending to avoid adding to Christmas spending.
  • Check on special needs trust with lawyers.


  • Eat one salad a day.
  • Eat more mindfully on Christmas Eve.
  • Watch sweets intake.
  • Exercise daily, even if just for 10-15 minutes.

I hope that I can accomplish at least some of these things this month.