Being Me…

and discovering that that is quite the roller coaster ride. Wanna come along?

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I need a crown…no, really…

Not that kind of crown…lol.  I went to visit friends this past weekend and we went out for sushi.  As it turns out, that is really some expensive sushi…I lost a crown in the process.  You know, the kind on your teeth.  Yep, from eating sushi of all things.  Sigh.

Luckily for me, the insurance company will cover some, as it had been on my tooth for a lengthy period of time.  Sigh.  It is STILL expensive, but less than it could have been.  This is why I can’t have nice things…I break them!



New friend…

And hopefully we will be a source of support for each other.  It turns out that a child in my daughter’s preschool class two years ago also has LGS, and they go to the same pediatric neurologist that we do.  Now, it isn’t as if pediatric neurologists are a dime a dozen here, but there are at least five or six in the children’s hospital nearby – and they go to the same individual that we do.  Anyway, I met the mother for lunch on Monday and we talked nonstop for an hour.  We DID manage to eat, but I couldn’t tell you how.  It was a fantastic feeling to share experiences with someone who has seen what I’ve seen, been through what I’ve been through.  I cannot even begin to describe the relief.

That feels odd to write, because I feel like I’m being critical of people around us who have been supportive, but truly I don’t mean it that way.  Our families can share our pain, but none of them have really lived it.  I am grateful for all that they do, but it is something else to be with someone else that is truly on the same path I am.

What a day!

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Well life is returning

Heh, though I suppose getting drunk with the girls and then spending the day out in the sun at the wine festival MIGHT not have been the best for me…

It was however the best tasting medicine I’ve ever had 😀  I even got a hot toddy for free from a wonderful bartender 😀

I think I MIGHT actually feel human, completely, by Halloween!  Yes, there IS progress!

Then it is on to WTF is going with my seven-year-old.  We’ve actually recently started a therapy process with him.  We believe that he is having some issues dealing with his sister’s condition, so we are starting to see someone with the the hope that they can help us work our way through this as gracefully as possible.  We shall see.

I’m just tired, sick, and ready for another weekend…and starting all of this all over again.

Three bright points in the day:

1.  Absolutely beautiful day

2.  My daughter waved at me (she rarely does that)

3.  I am having my own quiet time now, right before bed.