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Walking with our girl

Well we tried to go and participate in another walk for epilepsy awareness today, three of us. (Our son decided he’d rather go to Grandma’s so off he went.)  It was a lovely day, and we got a great parking spot.  With our girl and her backpack/harness, off we went at 1:50 pm.  The walk was scheduled from 2-4.  Silly us, we figured it would actually start at 2.

That was really optimistic. We walked to where people were gathering, at one of the covered picnic areas, and we walked back in forth near by, trying hard to keep Sophie occupied and happy.  The weather was beautiful, sunny and breezy.   For about half an hour, this worked but then she noticed the water – a big, beautiful “lake” (small by lake standards, big by pond standards).  Off she went, pulling hard on her harness.  After we stopped her and got her walking back in the correct direction, she started expressing her displeasure.  We figured we had really pressed our luck – keeping a two-year-old in a 9-year-old’s body happy for half an hour while you walk back and forth is no mean feat.

So, having done nothing we set out to do other than show up for a walk, we went back to the car, promising her a car ride, and we left.  As we left they were just beginning to talk about starting the walk and people were still registering.

I will say that this experience gave me hope.  She really was happy while we were walking, so much so that she was actually hopping!  I think if we go to another, bigger and better organized walk, she will actually be willing and happy to participate.  Also, we may want to see if we can find one that isn’t particularly close to water, though that is hard to do in our area.



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Snowmageddon 2014

Ah the South…land of warm, humid breezes, mosquitoes the size of small birds, and water snakes…ahem, I mean magnolias and gardenias…you just cannot face the wrath of winter, can you?

Local schools started canceling school for tomorrow before the snow even started to fall.  i realize that they shouldn’t wait until roads are bad, but I do think they should wait to see if we are even going to GET any snow.  Sigh.

As it happens, it does appear that we are in for a big (for us) snow, and so, there was a mad rush for batteries, toilet paper, eggs, and bread.  Quite frankly, I tend to try to make sure I have plenty of toilet paper in non-snow situations but that is apparently just me.

Anyway, my family and I are all snug in our home, watching TV, watching the snow fall, and letting everyone else around here run around madly, as if they have never seen snow before.  Better them than me, thank you very much – you could not PAY me enough to get near a grocery store tonight.

Here’s to cuddly blankets, flannel pajamas, and hot chocolate!Snowmageddon 2014