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Two Weeks of Summer Left and All’s Well

Well, things have improved.  I don’t feel as down as I did last time I posted.  I suppose it is a cycle.  If I can just keep putting one foot in front of the other, things usually get better.

In two weeks, school starts again and my work schedule will go back to normal.  I imagine that getting back to a normal routine will be good for all of us.  There are things I need to take care of that are much easier to deal with when the kids are in school.  I know our daughter, bless her heart, will do much better once she readjusts to a school schedule.  Naturally, our son (12) is NOT counting the days – lol, he lives for an unscheduled life.  Little does he know, he doesn’t have a whole lot left of that – and I’m going to let him enjoy it as long as possible.

I’m sleeping better and imbibing less alcohol – not that I really drank all that much, but still cutting back has made a noticeable difference.  I’m not exercising like I want, but that too should change once school gets back in session.  At least, that’s what I’m telling myself.  Maybe I will work on that this week.  I should, I know.

I went to the library this weekend.  I am trying to get back into some of the things I used to enjoy: reading, writing, crocheting.  I just stopped doing them a long while back.  I’m sure it was depression.  And I’ve never really picked any of them back up.  I think it would be good for me to restart those activities.


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Yippeeee…the bus is here….ahem…of course, I’ll miss you today sweetie…

First day back to school

The end of summer is upon us.  Ok, for some it already hit.  In our area, school starts tomorrow and US football starts on Thursday (I think).  Our community pool closed yesterday.  Yesterday was the last day to go to a local water park.  All in all, despite the fact that hot temperatures will last about two more months, summer is in effect over.  I honestly can’t say that I’m sorry.  I enjoyed a lot of things this summer, including a visit in Alabama to see my father and stepmom.  But the idea of getting back into a schedule, a routine, and of getting the kids back to normal routines …ah what bliss.

Add to that the fact that I will go back to having some quiet time to myself every day…and you are looking at a VERY happy camper.

In the case of my children, I think they are both happier overall while school is in session (although I am fairly certain they’d deny it).  My daughter adores bus rides (good thing, since hers are about 45 minutes each way) and she loves having the routine of class – doing the same things at the same time each day.   My son gets better sleep when school is in session – between the exercise of playing outside with friends and the mental exercise of school work, he seems to go to sleep easier. So…even I know he doesn’t feel happier about school, he DOES feel better.  Or at least he will once we get past the re-adjustment period.

This first week back…what to do, what to do, what to do with my time…

Sadly, I did have to fill today’s quiet time with work – running errands.  As an aside, can I just say that having a child that is so particular about what she eats that only ONE store (or family of stores) carries the ONE protein she will eat is incredibly challenging?  And no, this isn’t bad parenting or a child run amok.  She is autistic and we believe that this is a texture issue – maybe.  I had to go to two different Food Lion stores to get two small boxes of her favorite chicken (the only meat that she will eat)…and walking around the store to find out if they had it wasn’t my idea of fun.  Not with two broken toes.  At any rate, I did finally  wrangle two small boxes of the chicken.  Hopefully that will last long enough to get through the weekend – or long enough to get family to help me drive around looking for it.  Seriously. the things you will DO for your children…LOL.

After a hit and a miss with grocery stores. I managed to get what was necessary and no more.  Then went home for lunch.  I didn’t cook either – I feel a bum foot should get you out of some situations like cooking dinner.  Andy, bless his dear heart, did make dinner, thank goodness.  I was completely done with walking at this point.

So much for a quiet day, putting my feet up.  Would up bathing Sophie, entertaining her, helping Alex with computer problems, and getting groceries.  I’m exhausted.