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Seems like just yesterday

It seems like just yesterday that I brought an adorable, serious little guy home from the hospital.  In reality, he is now 12 years old, as of this afternoon.  So hard to believe.  So far from the serious little guy that we brought home from the hospital that he is almost as tall as I am.  Sigh.  Now, I’m the proud mother of a child just short of his teens…how did THAT happen?

I’m so proud of him.  He is sweet, caring, thoughtful, and smart.  He held the door for me at dinner tonight, asked me if I needed help with something I was carrying, and he’s funny to boot.  We have our times when we but heads but overall, he’s a wonderful son.


6-7-17 ALex

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Gratitude, 24 November 2015

I am grateful for new experiences with my son.  He’s 10 and tonight we went to a place that is basically a play place for Legos.  They’ve got tables set up with buckets of regular, mixed bricks but they also have kits that you can build stored in containers with instructions.  He had an amazing time and I learned a lot talking to the owner.

I am grateful for a chance to reach out and talk to someone with similar experiences to mine.

I am grateful for another beautiful day.

I am grateful for nice, soft sheets.

I am grateful for my parents and parents-in-law.