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I was doing so well…until I saw the Krispy Kreme advertisements….

Snowman donuts

Snowman donuts (Photo credit: clio1789)

And so my holiday splurge began.  Red velvet cake donuts, gingerbread donuts…snowman donutes…coffee…ummm.  It was a delightful, if not even slightly healthy, start to the day.  I SWEAR I’ll be good the rest of the year…really!

Sigh.  I had the best of intentions…but those ads have been everywhere today, honest!

And I was GOING to walk today…but I was attacked by laundry that needed doing, as well as a grocery list that was terribly insistent (well, that and two hungry children and a hungry husband who really felt it couldn’t wait…).

Next week.  Next week is going to be better – more fruits, more vegetables, fewer donuts…(is my sincerity slipping?) 😉

Ah well, I ought to relax and finish off this year as it is.  Start thinking about things about next year, but not stew about them.  Almost like planting a seed and giving it peace, to grow in.

Baby Sloth

Baby Sloth (Photo credit: Adam C. Smith Photography)

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I’m just numb.  I have been following the news regarding the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Connecticut today.  As a parent, I am just horrified and hurt beyond words.  I grieve for the lives lost needlessly.  I grieve for the families left behind.  I want to hold my own two young children close and not send them out into the world, but I know that isn’t possible.

How do we face this?  How does life go on after something like this?  How do communities face this?

God bless those sweet little children and the teachers trying to protect them.  God be with their families tonight and in the days to come.