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Crowning me…part 1

I started the process of getting my crown replaced today – plus I got a filling replaced.  All in all, it went well but my jaw is achy on that side.  I can’t wait for THAT to stop.  All I felt like eating today was soup.  They cleaned up several places on my teeth and made sure that the tooth they were crowning was ready, then sent digital images to the lab that will make my tooth.  The last time I had this done, I had to bite into some goop (nice technical term, don’t you think?) and then they sent that off.  Ah times have changed.

Otherwise, there isn’t really much going on.  The school threatened to send Sophie home again today but (a) we just took her to the doctor who said she wasn’t sick and (b) her temperature apparently never got above 99.6 – which isn’t a fever according to the doctor.  If I have to, I will go back to the doctor and get her to write a note to that effect so that the school has to stop this nonsense.  My daughter has as much right to an education as other children, at least at the moment.  That may change under the current presidential administration; we shall see.

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Gratitude, 25 August 2016

I am grateful that I had 45 years with my father.  Some aren’t so lucky.

I am grateful for my mother’s presence in my life.

I am grateful for peace and quiet.

I am grateful for the beautiful world around me.

I am grateful for the lovely sunset tonight (not the one pictured below – that found online at

I am grateful for homegrown cherry tomatoes this year – so juicy and red.

fall 3

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Movie Marathon Weekend

Pooped in your shoes I have.jpg

Ok so this was NOT the most productive weekend ever.  It was, however, delightful.  The kids had a sleepover with Grandma and Poppop Friday night, so my husband and I decided to watch the Lord of the Rings trilogy over the course of the weekend.  I love those stories so much.  The movies are beautifully done, in my opinion, so we had a terrific time.  It was nice to spend some concentrated time watching something that we both really wanted to with less concern about kids being present.

Saturday I continued the movie marathon by having my “girls day out” in our bedroom and watching the original Star Wars trilogy by myself.  It would have been more fun with my husband but he volunteered to watch the kids so I could have some time to myself.  The quiet of time uninterrupted combined with one of my favorite movies (actually three…) was fantastic.

I think time to myself is incredibly important right now and I am trying to ensure that I get it fairly regularly.  Our daughter has developed some behavior issues relatively recently and is … challenging at times (well, go figure – what child isn’t at times).  If I don’t get time alone once in a while, I find it much harder to be patient like I need to be with her.  I think this was a great self-care weekend!

And next weekend?  We’re off – my husband, myself, and our son – to the National Walk for Epilepsy in Washington, DC.  It is on Saturday but we’re going up early to meet the LGS Foundation group for a Meet and Greet Friday night as well as to spend some time Saturday looking around DC with our son.  He’s at a prime age to enjoy it.