Being Me…

and discovering that that is quite the roller coaster ride. Wanna come along?

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Ideas for the new year

I would like to make better use of my time in the new year.  Toward that end, I have been thinking of things that I would like to do:

  • Bake once a month and try new recipes
  • Try new dinner recipes once a month or once a week – I haven’t decided which is more realistic.
  • Plan on getting out of the house and doing something that I enjoy once a month.  Put it on the calendar and DO IT.

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For 2020

  1. Keep a journal for a year.
  2. Take a free online class.
  3. Find 10 books that inspire me.
  4. Read 45 books in a year. (Added 1/3/20)
  5. Keep a blog for a year.
  6. Say “yes” to something I would not normally do.
  7. Try a new recipe every month for a year.
  8. Send one handwritten letter each month for a year.
  9. Carry a camera with me every day for a year.
  10. Make a new friend.
  11. Create a regular exercise routine.
  12. Make a pecan pie.
  13. Take better care of myself. (Added 1/2/2020)
  14. Write down 5 positive things that happened during the day before going to bed for one month. (Added 1/3/2020)

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48 and counting

Ok, technically, I am at the moment 47 and counting, but tomorrow is my birthday.  I don’t feel bad about turning 48, just puzzled – how did I get here?  Seems like just yesterday (some days anyway) that I was 18 and heading off to college.  Sigh.  Still, better to turn 48 than NOT.

Overall I don’t really think about my age.  It is just a number and I feel fine, so what’s the point in worrying about a number?  However, I am now seeing fellow high school classmates as grandparents – THAT makes me feel old some days.  I look at the grey and my hair and wonder how that happened.  LOL, then I remember I have two young children …

I hope that 48 is a good year for me.  I’m going to do my best to make it one of my best years yet!