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Christmas 2016

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Well, today has been a good if somewhat disjointed day.  Not disjointed, just…not quite smooth, I suppose.  The morning was smooth and fun, the evening was smooth and fun.  Lunch was…interesting.  We had turkey cooked by a neighbor who didn’t eat with us, along with gravy (two types) and three types of potatoes, plus salad.  No bread, no corn, no green veggies except the salad.  Donna was supposed to be there with corn pudding and her stuffing with sausage, but at 1:15 (15 minutes after we were supposed to eat), Mom called her and they weren’t even close to leaving the house.  She thought Mom had said 2.  And…AND…she wasn’t even planning on leaving until 2.  Sigh.  So we ate the potatoes, potatoes, potatoes, gravy and turkey before she got there.  We were too hungry not to do so.  I don’t know if she was bothered, but Mom swore up and down that she talked to her yesterday and told her again that it was for 1 pm.  My sister (step) operates on her own time schedule since she lost her job five  years ago so this is really not surprising.  She prefers these things be later in the day and apparently just cannot adapt to the fact that we have young kids who need to eat before 3.  She just comes to things whenever she feels like it, but this Christmas meal was her idea.  So…I don’t know.  It was just kind of odd.

Anyway, the rest of the day went well.  In the morning, Andy’s parents came over to see what our kids got for Christmas and to bring us their presents to us.  We had a nice visit – I even managed to be showered and dressed before they got here; that was a nice change of pace…lol.  I usually have a bad case of “bed head” when they arrive.

And after lunch was fine.  We got home around 4:20 or so I think and we relaxed and watched some football.  Well, ok – Andy and I watched some football.  The kids of course played with ALL of their toys everywhere.

It was nice to visit with both sets of parents this year.  I’m afraid it might be the last one with Dad Walker – he isn’t tops on my list of favorite people as he has been an ass to me and to my mother but I wouldn’t wish stomach cancer on ANYONE.  He’s having a tough time after the last round of chemo and it sounds like they might not do another round for a while.  They might stop it.  That doesn’t seem good – and it isn’t good that he’s sick and weak so soon after the chemo.  Sigh.  I feel for my mother; he’s not a good patient.

Well, we shall see.  I wish him well and I wish him improved health this year.  Maybe I’m wrong about how things are going.

To anyone who might read this, I hope you have a merry Christmas or whatever holiday you might celebrate at this time of year.  And I hope that you will cherish your loved ones – tell them you love them because you never know what life has in store or how much time you will have with them.  Kind of a somber note but I’m watching my stepsister waste the time she might have left with her father and it makes me sad.  She won’t be able to get this time back when he is gone.


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