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A Successful Start to Middle School

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Ah the start of school!  I am much happier about it than either of my children, I suspect, but the first day is over and all is well.  My son, 11, just started middle school (6th grade) and was a little concerned about the new school and all that goes with it – changing classes, lockers, and so on.  He came home from school relieved.  I can’t honestly say that he’s enthusiastic about school, but he at least isn’t worried about it per se.

As for my darling daughter, the whirlwind, she too had a good day.  She had one meltdown in the afternoon, but all things considered (such as all the meltdowns she had last year), I have to consider that an excellent start to the year.  Also, she ate a tremendous dinner so I assume that they had her really working hard today.  She’s in 4th grade, in special education.

All in all, I think today was a good day.  I had time to myself to get some things done that needed doing.  The kids both had a good day.  And now it is time to rest and prepare to do it all again tomorrow.


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