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And the verdict is…bronchitis

Again.  This is the second time in two months (I think) that I’ve had it.  I’m pretty tired of it.  Every time I come down with a cold it turns into bronchitis and my office thinks of me as Typhoid Mary.  Sigh.  Well, I’m on medication now so the cough is improving; I don’t sound like a dying moose or something.  Still, I would love to keep this from happening again this year but I am betting on at least one more occurrence before the end of 2016.

Ah well.  It is more annoying than painful this time around – I caught it early.  This too shall pass and life will return to its normal pace with school, paperwork, projects, and the like.

There really isn’t anything going on besides illness at the moment.  Both kids had a minor cold; thankfully, mine is the only one that turned into something worse.  My dear A has avoided it altogether and that’s just as well.  Really, if one of is makes it through it, it is fairly remarkable.


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15 Years Later


I was working at America Online (AOL) on September 11, 2001.  I was filling in for a girl who had just gotten married to a military man (Navy I think) and had gone on a lengthy honeymoon.  I heard someone say that the World Trade Center had been hit and they were talking about whether or not it was an accident.

Some other people walked into my supervisor’s office and turned on his television.  We watched and tried to work and watched.  I remember how surreal it felt.  I remember the light in the office, the bubbling of the fish tank of the girl I was replacing temporarily.  I remember it was a bright, crisp day.

The exact timeline for me is fuzzy – just a whirl of unbelievable events:  the second tower being hit, the Pentagon (which isn’t far from where I was working that day),  the collapse of first one tower and then the second.  My mind kept saying, “This is not happening, this isn’t happening!”  At some point during all of this, the decision was made to evacuate AOL and its neighbor MCI (now Verizon) because these companies could be possible targets. At that point I started feeling the strain and tension and fear.   Approximately 10,000 people between the two companies were evacuated at the same time – that led to some anxious time waiting in the parking garage, wondering if we were going to be targeted, wondering what was going on, and wondering what else was coming.

My husband, who was working at MCI up the road, and I met at home.  From there, we went to a friend’s house nearby to gather with ALL of our local friends.  We hugged and gathered around the tv.  It was numbing to watch the videos over and over and over again but that’s all that was on that was on that I can think of and that’s all we could bring ourselves to watch for hours.

My husband and I were out playing tennis sometime later – we decided we had to get away from the news.  Outside it was deadly quiet.  All aircraft were grounded so the airport we lived near – Dulles International Airport – was quiet.  Suddenly we heard airplanes.  Turns out they were evacuating the planes from Reagan National Airport in DC and were flying them to other local airports.  There was a steady stream of airplanes with no more than bare necessity staff on board from National to Dulles.  It was disconcerting to see a steady stream of aircraft like that.

I will never, EVER forget what happened that day.  Nor will I ever forget the images from the news.  To this day, I have a hard time watching video of the buildings burning and collapsing.  God bless all of the families of the victims and of the first responders.



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Well this has been a good week.  Our son is adjusting well to 6th grade and more responsibility.  He has gone back to bike riding, much to my relief, and has asked to be allowed to ride further afield, but still in the neighborhood.  We’re in a closed neighborhood and there are plenty of places for him to ride safely so, with some conditions, we agreed that he could ride around our complex.

In addition, he has started taking out the recyclables (for either money or extra computer time, depending on his mood) and sometimes the trash.  He has also suddenly started making his own peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and lunch overall, at least on the weekend.  All in all, he is suddenly acting older.  It is a good thing, and I know there is still room for growth, but I am proud of him.  And pleased.

What else has happened this week?  Well, truthfully, nothing exciting.  I’ve adjusted my schedule to allow me to be home to see our son off to school, since middle school starts later than elementary.  This is rather nice, though I currently feel rushed when I start work because I feel like I’m late even though I’m not.  So, there is a little adjustment going on but it is good overall.  I’ve been able to have doctor’s appointments, work a little over my schedule, and run errands this week., so I have felt more productive.   I’ve still tried to allow myself some freedom to enjoy the peace and quiet and time to myself each day because over the summer that was SO rare.