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Gratitude, 25 August 2016

I am grateful that I had 45 years with my father.  Some aren’t so lucky.

I am grateful for my mother’s presence in my life.

I am grateful for peace and quiet.

I am grateful for the beautiful world around me.

I am grateful for the lovely sunset tonight (not the one pictured below – that found online at

I am grateful for homegrown cherry tomatoes this year – so juicy and red.

fall 3

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Gratitude – 11 August 2016

Moonlit Beach

I am grateful for the nice place I live.

I am grateful for my job, even on the days it drives me crazy.

I am grateful for sleep.

I am grateful for the good overall health of my children.

I am grateful for peace and quiet at the end of the day.

I am grateful for a nice neighborhood pool.


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One year ago, you left us.  I cannot believe it has been so long.  Seems like just yesterday and it hurts as much now as then.  I loved you, and still love you, so very much.  I at least know that I told you that before you died.  I know that you knew it.  But I want to tell you again.  I want another hug, a kiss, a long talk.  Sigh.

Rest in peace, Daddy – and know that you are loved and missed very much every day.

11-8-07 Granddaddy & Both Kids (1)