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Good news, bad news

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I’ll start with the positive.  My DD (darling daughter) had an appointment with her orthopedic doctor due to the fact her ankle-foot orthotics (AFOs) were cracking around her ankles.  To say she’s rough on her braces is an understatement.  I really expected the usual:  check her out, see her walk, write prescription for new braces.  We’ve been dealing with this for about 5 years now, I guess.  I really like her doctor – he’s great with her.  He heard that she spent our full 30 minutes in the waiting room running around the waiting room and speed-walking, came in and watched her dance around the room, and said he thinks she should take a break for the summer and we’ll re-evaluate in the fall.  It looks like she might be done with braces!  Yay!

Now, the bad news.  Our insurance company is doing what insurance companies do best: denying something our daughter needs, according to her developmental pediatrician.  That is, they decided not to cover ABA therapy in our home.  Mind you, they told officials with the company we’re going through twice – not once, but twice and with different people – that it would be covered.  It was only after they got more information that they decided, “Oh well.  We changed our minds – denied.”  Sigh.  I’m going to file an appeal, but that just takes more time and I suspect I know how it will end.  This may be the kick in the pants that I need to start the process of seeking the EDCD waiver for our little girl.  I haven’t known where to start, but this ABA company has offered to walk me through the process as has someone from another support group who does this regularly for others.  At least I’m getting off to a good start with support from knowledgeable people.



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