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and discovering that that is quite the roller coaster ride. Wanna come along?

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Gratitude, 29 January 2016

I am grateful for the nice apartment we live in, and the nice community.

I am grateful for the clothes on our backs and in our dressers.

I am grateful that we can provide for our children.

I’m grateful for a good night’s sleep.

I’m grateful for the love of my children.

I’m grateful that I didn’t get the latest illness going around.

I’m grateful for peace and quiet.

Braver than you Think


Slowly reaching out

I am finally putting myself out there, reaching out and responding to other parents in support groups (online) for parents of children with LGS.  I cannot honestly say why it has taken me so long to do this, though I think I have had a lot of stuff on my plate.  Anyway, now I am doing it.  I’m a little nervous, which is silly.  It is almost like I’m afraid people won’t like me or won’t want to hear what I have to say.  Really, if either is true, so what?  They can ignore me.  That’s just fine by me.

I guess it is just that it is remarkably hard for me to open myself up.  Somewhat odd for someone with a blog, but it is hard for me to share personal details.  This blog feels different to me.  I welcome input but don’t get a whole lot – fine too 🙂  by the way.  Actually, I think keeping this blog is helping me open up.  I’ve been writing here for a while now and nothing dreadful has happened.  It helps to have a place to vent, to share frustrations, and to share triumphs.  With the support groups, I am hoping that it will help to talk to others in similar positions with similar experiences.

We shall see.  Who knows…maybe I will make new friends.  That would be lovely.


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The end of an era

Today was the end of an era.  Our 19-year-old Saturn car was towed away after we signed the title over to a junk yard.  It will be picked apart and sold for parts.  It was a good car, very reliable and had few issues until the last few years.  It died the day before Christmas and it has taken us this long to actually get rid of it.

It is funny – I didn’t expect to really feel anything.  It is just a car.  However, it has been part of our lives – 19 years out of our 24 year marriage.  We brought both babies home from the hospital in it.  We moved from Norfolk to Northern Virginia and back again in it.  We bought it when my husband first broke into his field, computer programming, as a celebration and a demonstration that finally our struggles had lead to real, reliable jobs (in Northern Virginia, making actual living wages).

Good bye my old friend.