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Blessings in the midst of grief

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I went to see family this weekend – a family gathering in the middle of the Scuppernong Festival in Columbia, North Carolina, this weekend.  The gathering is an annual thing; as many family members that can make it, come into town from all over the country.

One thing we had in mind this year was a small ceremony to say goodbye to my father – many of my NC relatives could not go to his funeral.  We also planted crepe myrtle trees in honor of him as well as other relatives that we’ve lost in recent years.

My stepmother was there; it was the first time I’ve seen her since Daddy died.  That was emotional to say the least.  She also brought me some things that she thought I would want of Daddy’s papers – like pretty much every letter I’ve ever written him.  And pictures.  I both want to look through them and dread it; I know I’m going to cry.

The blessing in the middle of this occurred after dinner tonight.  We arrived home, unpacked, and settled in to unwind and start preparing for the upcoming week.  My daughter, who is 8 years old and nonverbal, walked over to me with a child’s sign language book and pointed directly at the picture showing “I Love You.”  That just made me tear up immediately – the first time she’s told me she loves me…love, love, love this day.

Watermelon Crepe Myrtle


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