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You may not be able to control every situation

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You may not be able to control everyn situation

Good reminder – in view of the fact that by simply turning around to walk across the room to the dinner table, and turning right into the chair, I managed to break two toes.  So…the grand total now for broken bones in the last five years:  three broken toes (spread across both feet) and a broken bone in one foot.  That is three incidents in five years.  I am SO over this.   I have always felt a bit ungraceful…but I had no idea it was this bad…LOL.

That’s the big excitement these days – that and the fact that the school has not bothered to inform us of (a) which school our daughter will attend and (b) which teacher she will have.  Mind you, school starts 9/2/14.  I did just hear today from last year’s teacher – FeFe (their nickname for her) won’t be in her class this year.  From this, I have figured that she will attend the same school she went to last year, which is a relief.  Being autistic and special needs she does not deal well with change.  I’m just disappointed that she won’t be with last year’s teacher.  Well, I’m going to call tomorrow.  And I will wait to see how things turn out; turns out I can request that she be moved back to her former teacher’s class if I am not happy with this change.  That is GOOD to know.  And we have not heard from her bus driver either – but that’s not a surprise.  Most years we hear the day or so before school starts.  Not great, but at least we do usually hear something from them.

What else is going on?  LOL, not much now that I broke my toes.  That really put a damper on things.  My mother and I were going to take my kids to the water park a couple of times this week – but now, I can barely stand with crutches so that isn’t going to happen.  It definitely requires two people and … well, we were the only two available.  Sigh.  Well, it happens and it definitely could have been worse.

I have started two courses on Coursera – one about leadership through emotional intelligence and the other “Think Again: How to Reason and Argue”.  I am looking forward to both, but I am having trouble getting started with the kids still home for summer.  I am really hoping that we will all get back to a more normal routine next week.


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