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Courage is…

Courage is not the absence of fear

Well, I had my biopsy this morning.  One of the “lumps” that was to be biopsied turned out to be a blood vessel.  Yay for that!  The other one will probably need to be removed, based on the surgeon’s experience.  I won’t get the results of the biopsy for three to four days, but she said she thinks it should be removed to be sure.

So.  Here we go.  I have a week of keeping the spot of the biopsy dry and clean.  And dealing with bruising.  And three to four days to wait to hear anything.  And then scheduling.  Sigh.

Right now I am fairly numb.  I was fairly nauseated toward the end of the biopsy, but I think that was due to anxiety more than anything.  I was numbed for the procedure, but I don’t think it was a reaction to that.  I do feel better now, but I want to know and I want to know NOW thank you very much.  LOL.  Patience is a virtue, I know – and apparently I am out of it.

Well, we will get through this as a family.  Whatever the results, we’ll be fine.  Breast cancer, if that is what it turns out to be, is treatable.  I will do what I need to do, because that is my nature.  I am stronger than I look.