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Feelings are just visitors – let them come and go

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Feelings are just visitors

I have a follow up mammogram in a little over an hour.  I had my regular exam last week and got the call Friday that they want me to come back.  Sigh.  Now, I should say that the last exam I had was this same way – had a followup that was normal.  I just hate this; I certainly have to go back.  And I cannot help worrying.  I don’t have time for this!  Or the energy for this!  Aaaargh.

I’m not going to worry, I’m not going to worry, I’m not going to worry – nope, repeating that doesn’t help.  Still, I have gone to work and accomplished a lot, despite this.   I am currently at home with my children, which does mostly make me feel better (Little Miss is Little Miss Crankypants today…).

We shall see.  I have to wait for the radiologist to read the mammogram this time so at least I should have a better idea of what’s going on by the time I leave their office.  That’s something at least – I definitely prefer less waiting to MORE.


EDIT: Well, I have to go have two biopsies done.  I go back to my regular doctor tomorrow, so I should find out then what his recommendations are.  Sigh.

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