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Ah summer…hot cranky kids and no quiet time

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That sounds grumpier than it should.  I am actually enjoying it (mostly) for the three days we’ve had so far.  Our little miss is cranky right after lunch, so we’re developing a nap routine.  I don’t know if it will last, but it does give her rest time and me a little bit of time to get stuff done.

That’s the real downside to summer – it becomes more difficult for me to get stuff done around the house and next to impossible for me to run errands.  Ah well.  This too shall pass.  Fall will be here before we know it and my life will go back to normal.  I just have to accept that there are some things that I probably won’t accomplish now that school is out for summer.

So far, it has been a quiet summer.  We haven’t done anything exciting.  I will say that temperatures today kind of discouraged it – we had a heat index of about 104.  That’s a bit warm to start the summer.  Sigh.  After a long, snowy (for us) winter,it seems we’re in for a HOT summer.

So…what am I thinking that we can do this summer?  Well, Alex and I am going to Alabama to visit my father and stepmother. I’ll be there for about 4 days, but Alex will stay for about 2 weeks.  I have also arranged to get tickets to a local water park for me and the kids. If my mother goes along to help me, I will be able to take the kids.  I know Sophie will really enjoy it.  That’s all I have planned at this point. I am hoping to be able to work out some time for me and Alex but that gets complicated.  It isn’t easy to find someone to watch Sophie.

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