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Feeling Better, Finally

Botanical Garden - Camellia 4-23-2014

It has taken a long while to pull myself together.  Our misadventure with Sophia in Washington, DC, really drained me.  It wiped me out.  Then, we all got sick.  Our little princess had an ear ache – which made her cranky, tired, and made her scream.  We couldn’t tell at first if it was her ears or her teeth – her two front teeth started coming in.  Determining what is wrong is just one of the many adventures with  her.  Sigh.  Then my son developed bronchitis.  Then my husband got a cold.  By the time all of that was over, I was exhausted.

I think we have turned the corner.  Sophie finished her medicine and seems better.  She is back to school.  Our son is better and is getting back outside, playing with friends.  I have changed groups at work and I think that is for the best – now I am doing something new and creative, which is wonderful.  And…spring is here.  The botanical gardens nearby are absolutely gorgeous, with walls of azaleas and rhododendrons, dogwoods, and many other plants in bloom.

In addition, I have purchased a harness to use with Sophie if we are in a place where I feel it is necessary.  I haven’t used it around our neighborhood but I may start, if we start going out walking more.  I know some people will give us dirty looks, especially since she is already six, but I don’t care.  It is much more important to keep her safe, than to worry about what others think.  Those folks should just spend a day or two walking in our shoes.

I did forget Miss Sophie’s big adventure on Friday.  She snatched her hand away from the aid while they were outside at school – and ran face-first into a fence, bloodying her nose and forehead.    Needless to say, they called me.  She was fine, but they felt someone needed to be with her to watch her consistently to make sure she was ok.  And she was – I got her home and she played just like normal, giggled with me, and did all of her normal things.

All I can say is, it was a relief to get to the weekend.  And I am grateful for good health, good weather, and beautiful flowers.