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The Walk in DC? More like a RUN for me


Oh my.  There are absolutely no words for our experience at the National Walk for Epilepsy this year.  Mostly, that is because we didn’t make it.  We drove to DC.  We enjoyed the hotel room for several hours.  Then…we went to the Meet and Greet for the LGS (Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome) Foundation.

Now our darling daughter had taken off twice already in the hotel, which had startled us fairly thoroughly.  I keep wondering what we could have done differently, but I am not sure if there is ANYTHING we could have done differently.  After all, we do the best we can, really we do.  Anyway, during the meet and greet, my husband and I kept having to take Sophie out of the main room and walk around with her.  Well, it was my turn and she jerked her hand and ran, ran, ran.  Unfortunately, she ran through the lobby and straight for the front door – an automated revolving door.   If it hadn’t been automated she would not have been able to get through it, but there you have it – it IS automated.  Sigh.  I ran, ran, ran after her, feeling my heart pounding its way out of my chest.  I was close to her, but not nearly close enough.  God bless the valets parking cars.  One of them saw her run out onto the sidewalk near the street and he grabbed her arm, enabling me to catch up.

Seriously.  I took her straight to our hotel room, where we could keep her SAFE, and promptly got hysterical.  I suppose the best thing I can say about that is that I was able to keep my head until it was safe to lose it – my MIL was in the room and was able to comfort me and distract both of our children until I could pull myself together.

My husband and I talked a short while afterward about what to do – whether to stay and try to attend the walk or just head home.  In all honesty, I just wanted to go home after all of that.  (In addition, our eldest started throwing up before his sister did her escape act.)  So…after the three hour drive in the morning, the three hours in the hotel, we drove home.

I slept from the time we got home (about midnight) until 11:30 the next morning, then again from 2 pm to 6:30, then went to bed around 10.  That is all that I want to do right now.  Sigh.

I am sure that we will all recover from this over time, but …wow.

Some days hurt so badly that I cannot even begin to express it.

3 thoughts on “The Walk in DC? More like a RUN for me

  1. That’s rough! I’m so sorry you had to endure all that! Hope you’re littles have recovered as well as yourself!


    • Thank you so much. We are all doing much better now. It took two days for the shock to wear off of me – but I am still shaken. LOL, the kids recovered much better…isn’t that always the way it is? Anyway, I am trying to make the best of it and learn from the mistakes made – and take better safety precautions! One of my aunts said she figured I had “years scared off of my growth” and I think she’s right – I am fairly certain I had years shaved off my life :-/

      But I am grateful that we are all healthy and happy, and in one peace.


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