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The last of August

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I cannot say that I’m sorry to see it go.  This year wasn’t as hot or humid as usual, and it was wetter, but it is still a hot, miserable month overall.  I like September – school is in, the temperatures typically get better, and football comes back. ( I am the only woman I know that really enjoys football, as a side note.  Doesn’t particularly bother me – I LIKE being different!)

And did I mention, school is back in session? LOL.  I DO love my children, but I do enjoy a few minutes of peace and being able to do the housework in a timely fashion.  Truthfully, both of my children do better with a regular schedule.  So, I think this will be good for all of us.

This weekend is going to be relatively quiet for us – nothing terribly exciting planned.  I think that that is for the best really.  Our daughter has been moved to another school and we have to prepare for that – which means gathering a lot of information on Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome for a whole new group, and getting her ready for a new place.  Our son’s schedule won’t change much, but the change in his sister’s routine will cause changes for all of us, since she will probably leave about the same time he does but get home well after.  That too will probably work out well, at least for him – he should get more one-on-one time with me now in the afternoon.  We may go out as a family to a meal at some point this weekend, and we’re thinking about trying to go to the “bounce house” tomorrow morning, if they are open on Sunday, but that will probably be about it for excitement.  Sometimes you just need quiet family time.

What am I grateful for as this month ends?  I am grateful for the start of school.  I am grateful for my family and Andy’s, who have helped us get through the summer mostly sane.  I am grateful for my job and the flexibility they’ve provided.  I’m grateful for all the help we received from our daughter’s old school.  I am grateful for air conditioning and a (now) working ice maker.  I am grateful for a cleaner house and a cleaner life.  I am grateful for all the changes that my husband has made recently, to make my life easier.  Life is good.


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