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The family that games together…

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Stays together? Well, I hope so.  What can I say?  Our apple(s) didn’t fall far from the tree.  My husband is a computer programmer by day and a computer gamer by night, I enjoy blogging and computing in various forms, and now our son (8) has discovered ToonTown, which sadly is going to close next month.  Tonight we all played ToonTown together and had a fantastic bonding time together.  I think that is the most fun we’ve had together in quite a while.

I love the fact that my husband could share something, even if in a child’s version, that he is so passionate about with me and our son.  That is a gift that our son will treasure forever.  We’re working on finding something else that we can all play once ToonTown closes (9-19-2013, I believe).  It is a Disney game, and they have something else called Club Penguin, but that has not grabbed any of us as firmly as ToonTown.  ToonTown has it all – goofy puns, games to play as a group or individually, cute characters, places to explore, limited conversation between people so kids can’t get into trouble, and if you have a bad experience in the game, you “feel sad,” rather than anything more serious.  It is a really cute game and I hate to see it go.  LOL – I should have listened to my husband and tried it a couple of years ago.  Sigh.

Anyway, tonight was wonderful fun and it has inspired us to keep looking for more things to do to share our interests as a family.


My son and I also went on to do yoga together – I am seriously hoping to get both of us hooked on it.  I would love to help him learn a good way to de-stress early in life.


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