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New month, kind of new goals

Ok.  This is what I hope to accomplish this month:

  1. Post two entries on my other blog.
  2. Research topics that interest me for an hour a day as frequently as possible.
  3. Skype with my father once a week.
  4. Develop – and stick to – a housework schedule.
  5. Walk 7500 steps every day for a month.

Some of those might not be realistic for me right now, but if they stretch me, so much the better.  My children do NOT need my completely undivided attention every minute their eyes are open, whether they know it or not; it is possible for them to entertain themselves and for me to do laundry, clean the bathrooms, and grab five minutes of quiet once in a while.

We are getting to that point in the year where we should not be getting quite as much rain as we have recently, which is both good and bad – good for walking, not so good for the plants.  That should make it easier for me to get out and walk around the neighborhood with the kids.  That will be good for me, and teach them to be more active and get them out into the fresh air.

I can work more research in by getting good books on topics that I am interested in out of our library.  Generally speaking, I can keep them quite a while, so I can carry those books to appointments, to work to read on breaks, and so forth.  If I can get e-books, I can read them while waiting in line and so forth.

As for the housework, if I break what needs doing into a schedule, I hope that I will find it less daunting and less depressing.  It is so hard to get started when you look around at the whole thing at the end of the day.  If I know that I am going to spend half an hour or so cleaning, that is better than looking at the whole house and thinking, this is going to take HOURS.

We shall see.