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The end of another month

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Where does the time go?  I cannot believe we’re already past the midpoint of the year.  I swear just a few days ago the kids were in school.  Now, July is here – almost the 4th.  I’m not ready for that – not planning on anything, or haven’t planned anything.  I was just trying to get through two children’s birthdays, Father’s Day, and the end of school.  That was quite a rush of things.

This weekend, we got our son back.  He had a DELIGHTFUL vacation with my husband’s parents and then a week with my father and stepmother.  Tomorrow he starts a “job” with his paternal grandfather: dismantling a large train layout in preparation for establishing a three-level train layout.  My son is eight and following in his grandfather’s footsteps with an obsession with trains.  Together they are going to work on this project every day that my father-in-law doesn’t actually go to his job.  My son is SO excited.

And my parents, in bringing my son back, also visited with us all weekend, which was really wonderful.  I love my stepmother – the wonderful woman cooks every time she’s here and leaves us with enough food to eat for a week PLUS freeze.  It amazes me!  She and my father also picked out a bunch of flowers to fill out our flower bed in front of our apartment – wonderful souls that they are.  I kept intending to get more flowers – but never got around to it.  It has been at least two months.  Sigh.  I have good intentions, but we all know about those.

Hopes for July?  I hope to get more accomplished.  I will finish my walking contest at work – I hope to keep walking every day.  I hope to start my personal study program – trying to learn about all sorts of things that interest me, at least an hour a day (LOL – we shall see how long that lasts).  I hope to be in better shape by the end of the month.



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