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I swear she could get to school faster by horseback

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Well, summer school starts tomorrow for our little princess.  It seems that the school system, in its infinite wisdom, put her and the other special needs students in the school absolutely farthest from our home.  Of course, to be honest, it could be near the other students…but I’m thinking about all this from our daughter’s perspective.  She will get on the bus at 6:40 am tomorrow … to be at school by 8 am.  Sigh.  Se will leave school at 11 – and the driver says she should be home by 12 N.  Lovely.  All I can say is that it is a good thing that she thinks school buses are the best things EVER.  I bet she sleeps all the way home.

Really, as much as the school choice annoys me and worries me, I do have to say that our school system has been VERY good for our children.  They do have their issues (we have to watch out for cutting costs just for the idea of cutting costs, regardless of the impact on the student)…but they have made a TREMENDOUS difference to both of our children.  I am grateful for all that they’ve done.  My son went from being literally speechless (speech-delayed) to talking up a storm and reading way above grade-level and being GREAT at math.  My daughter is making efforts to communicate her wants/needs (not through speech, but STILL huge) and is starting do other things we were wondering if she would ever do.  She is much better with eye contact and affection and playing with others.  The difference in both children is completely wonderful.

Still…6:40 am?  Really?  Sigh.

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