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Wonderful visit with my father

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My father and stepmother came into town Friday from Alabama (Ghost Creek Falls, if you want to check out their place on Facebook…it is fantastic).  We have had a wonderful, wonderful visit despite my recent misadventures.   We had ordered in Friday night and sat around visiting and catching up.  Our son was delighted by the fact that he got to go to his first Grandma’s house (my in-laws’ home) to sleep over with Granny and Granddaddy too – my parents were staying with Andy’s …so nice when they all get along!

Saturday was kind of drizzly so we stayed in and my stepmother made THE BEST broccoli-cheese soup and salad, with peach cobbler and brownies for dessert.  I think for the most part we visited and the kids played with Granny and Granddaddy.

Today was nicer – slightly.  No rain, but high 50s at best.  The day started off with what my son called a “donut party” – my father-in-law cooked bacon, sausage, scrambled eggs, two kinds of toast, and put out fruit.  After we filled up on that, the donuts and pastries were brought out…sigh.  It was fantastic.  We sat around catching up some more, and watching my daughter run around the fenced in back yard – one of the few places she can run freely so she ADORES it.  After that, my father and I went to the Children’s Museum in Portsmouth – a wonderful place to go and spend a couple of hours on a nippy day.  I sat and rocked in some rockers, took a couple of pictures, and read some books.  My son and father spent several hours exploring together.  We went home to a wonderful roast and vegetables, plus collards, English peas, and squash, plus the desserts from yesterday.  I swear from all of the eating today, I shouldn’t need to eat for a week, but it was so much fun to visit and have family time around the table.


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