Being Me…

and discovering that that is quite the roller coaster ride. Wanna come along?

Strep throat…sigh

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I just realized how little I have posted this month.  It wasn’t intentional…but here we are, half way through the month (more or less) and almost no posting.  Sigh.

My motivation is at 0, I’m afraid.  There must be a way to improve that.  That is my goal for the upcoming week – to motivate myself to get up off my…couch…and do the things that need doing.

My son has come down with strep.  Ugh.  It is always something.  I am so glad that neither of us (parents) smoke.  Heaven only knows how sick he’d be if we did.  If it isn’t bronchitis or sinus infection, apparently it will be strep.  I am glad to say that overall, besides a sore throat and a HORRIBLE cough, he doesn’t seem to feel bad.

As for my lack of motivation, unfortunately I think my husband is wearing off on me.  He’s depressed and not getting help for it and I think it is beginning to affect me.  I cannot carry my depression (meds or not) and his.  Sigh.  I do what I can for him, but I am going to have to do what I need to do for the kids and for myself.  He’s a big boy – he can take care of himself.  That sounds harsh but it is something like trying to rescue a struggling person in the water – I’m afraid he’s going to drown us both.


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