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Talked to the neurologist today


And that is a phrase I never, ever thought I’d be saying…you can’t prepare yourself for that.

Anyway, I talked to my daughter’s neurologist today.  We’re not changing anything at the moment – he is hoping that it was just a hiccup, so to speak, and that change isn’t necessary.  Of course, all of us around her will be keeping an eagle eye on her, and I will follow up with him as needed.

I also got the mess around her prescriptions cleared up.  It seems that the pharmacy couldn’t completely fill one of her prescriptions on Tuesday, and when they went to order it on Wednesday, it was outdated.  Seriously?  In less than 12 hours, it was outdated.  Sigh.  Then when I took the new prescription I had in to be filled, the doctor had not put the date on it – so they couldn’t fill that either.

I covered all of this with the neurologist today and he took care of it, thank goodness.  I have to say, I am learning a lot as I go and I will always, ALWAYS call these prescriptions in well in advance.  I am sure that the insurance company will object, but hey – I’m going to do my best to cover us so that we don’t run the risk of a shortage again.  This has been a pain in my a** this week.



2 thoughts on “Talked to the neurologist today

  1. Is really sad… Medications, prescriptions and being held hostage to it.


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