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Goodbye Mike


My cousin did indeed pass away.  Not much of a surprise, given the circumstances: three heart attacks within about three hours or so.  Still…

Add to that the fact that my family forgot to call me to tell me had passed and you have quite the upsetting time.  I am sure that everyone thought someone else would call me, but you WOULD think that one of my parents might have called to be sure.

As it is, I found out when my mother called to find out if I knew that his service was going to be the next day, in the evening.  Of course, not knowing that he died, I had no idea.  It would probably not bother me if this was a one-time thing.  However, the family does this for all major events these days.  I may be quiet but I would like to think that I am NOT the invisible man (or woman).  I just don’t get it.

At any rate, my cousin is gone and I can’t even say good bye.  I have so many regrets – I should have reached out.  I should have paid more attention.  The last time he posted to Facebook – I should have responded.  All I can tell you is this:  you never know.  If your gut tells you to say something, please DO SO.  I didn’t and well…I can’t now.

I hope that he knows, wherever he is, that I love him, that I always have and always will, and that I really understand the struggles he’s had.

God bless you Mike – I love you and I miss you and I am SO sorry that I missed my chance to really know you.

4 thoughts on “Goodbye Mike

  1. I know sympathy is probably the last thing you want right now, but i’m very sorry. I hope he rests in peace.


  2. Thank you icyspecks. I do appreciate it.


  3. hard to like this… i’m so sorry for your family’s loss.


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