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Daily Prompt: Quote Me


Daily Prompt: Quote Me.

For me, it is a Winston Churchill quote: “Never, never, never give up.”  That has meant quite a lot to me throughout most of my life (well, at least since high school, when I first read it!).

It has helped through struggles in college – I held on to it as I moved on from engineering (definitely not me) to computer science.

It has helped through relationship difficulties – I never gave up hope that a decent person was out there for me.  Sure enough there was – and we’ve been married for 21 (almost 22) years now.

It has helped me through struggles with my daughter’s seizures, the years it took to get a diagnosis, and the struggle to accept what cannot be changed. (And it continues to help with that, of course).


4 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Quote Me

  1. It’s a good quote. I think it’s related to one of the triad of Christian virtues, hope. As a wise person once said: “Where there’s hope there’s life. Where there’s life, there’s hope.


  2. True – I think that is it. I keep that quote in mind and it reminds me to keep going and to hold on to my faith and hope.


  3. I like the quote but I did not like what he did for WWII.


  4. That’s a really good quote and one I need to be reminded of daily!


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