Being Me…

and discovering that that is quite the roller coaster ride. Wanna come along?

I was doing so well…until I saw the Krispy Kreme advertisements….

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Snowman donuts

Snowman donuts (Photo credit: clio1789)

And so my holiday splurge began.  Red velvet cake donuts, gingerbread donuts…snowman donutes…coffee…ummm.  It was a delightful, if not even slightly healthy, start to the day.  I SWEAR I’ll be good the rest of the year…really!

Sigh.  I had the best of intentions…but those ads have been everywhere today, honest!

And I was GOING to walk today…but I was attacked by laundry that needed doing, as well as a grocery list that was terribly insistent (well, that and two hungry children and a hungry husband who really felt it couldn’t wait…).

Next week.  Next week is going to be better – more fruits, more vegetables, fewer donuts…(is my sincerity slipping?) 😉

Ah well, I ought to relax and finish off this year as it is.  Start thinking about things about next year, but not stew about them.  Almost like planting a seed and giving it peace, to grow in.

Baby Sloth

Baby Sloth (Photo credit: Adam C. Smith Photography)

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