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Sophie and her doctors

Well, this is just a quick update because…well, I procrastinated and it is time for bed.  But I realized I hadn’t updated in a while and I do want to keep track of these things.

Sophie had both a dentist visit and a trip to the neurologist recently.  Both were routine and went well.  Actually, aside from screaming like mad through the visit, her dentist visit went really well.  My mother actually took her – the special needs visits are only scheduled on certain days and up to 11:30 am.  My workplace won’t accommodate changes like doctor’s appointments – but they’ve let me work a morning schedule…sigh.  At any rate, the dentist was able this time to get a good look at her teeth and he says they look fine.

The trip to her neurologist was also routine and went like I thought it would – with one surprise.  His assistant is leaving to go back to school.  I love the reason, but I do hate to see her go.  Sophie gets along really well with her and I just like her – she’s good people.   Ah well.  Her doctor left her medications alone again – if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it!  He did order some more tests.  He is concerned about her lack of speech (well, she is five and all she is doing is making some sounds.  Nothing like the babble you hear with most babies.)

Off to bed now, though.  Gotta get up and start the whole thing over tomorrow 🙂

Sweet dreams to anyone out there!