Being Me…

and discovering that that is quite the roller coaster ride. Wanna come along?

Is seriously making me crazy…aaargh

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Is it really too much to ask to have just a LITTLE peace in my life, a LITTLE unconditional love?  It is really?

Sigh.  Things will get better, I will make it so, some how – but I suspect it the path has more turns and fog than I thought.  The path seems particularly twisty now, and shrouded from site.

I’ve lost a friend due to my husband.  It was basically a choice between the two – which was extraordinarily painful to me.  Am I moving on?  Have I made the right choice?  Will this work out or is it going to crash and burn anyway?  Can I take ANY MORE stresses?  I’m not too sure about that last question.  The stomach problems are easing, but the sleep issues and grief are not.

What did I do….where did I go wrong first?  Which was the wrong path?

If I am where I supposed to be, then I’d like some answers ThankYouVeryMuch…sigh.


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