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Having a social life …well, kind of

Well, we are actually spending time this weekend with other people! Yay!  It is good for all of us, and it is a good distraction from the worries that hover over us all the time right now.  Yes, the social life, the time with others this weekend is with family (my father is up from Alabama) but it is good just the same, better even because he and my stepmother love us and really focus on enjoying ALL of the time we spend together because it is so rare.

It is so good for us as a family to stop worrying, relax, go out and have a good time.  Yes, we talk about the issues facing us but not as much and the conversation does seem to help lighten the load so that too is good.  Over all, this has been relaxing, freeing, and comforting for me.  It was a much needed rest.