Being Me…

and discovering that that is quite the roller coaster ride. Wanna come along?

Great News indeed for our little one…

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Well, as of 6/7, Alex is a big, “old” 4-year-old (ok, to him, old is dirty, but you get the meaning…).

On 6/11, Miss Sophie will be 2…sigh…I remember when I could hold and love on both of them…not so much these days.

Sophie had an appointment with the neurologist today. Her sleeping EEG isn’t as good as the doctor would like, but waking is almost normal! YAY! So, she will be starting another medicine day after tomorrow that the doctor says may make the seizures STOP…

I cannot begin to tell you what that would mean to me. Words fail me.

She had lots of seizures this past week…the idea that something could make them stop is unbelievable.

I cannot begin to put into words what this journey is like. I know some of you who read this will understand…but it is unreal.


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