Being Me…

and discovering that that is quite the roller coaster ride. Wanna come along?

Being me…is tiring

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Can I stop now?

No, not really.  I just might want to curl up and sleep for a while, if nobody minds.

My daughter had her EEG last week, she goes in for an MRI tomorrow morning.  Her age?  She’s 1.  Sigh.

My son has started pre-school and speech therapy and is doing quite well.  Trying to keep up with him is something else; he’s three.  Let me just note that we learned an IMPORTANT lesson last night: there will be NO CHOCOLATE CAKE after dinner – that is just too late in the day for TIRED WIRED LOUD BOY.  Ah, well – you live and you learn! 😀

Then there’s work.  And my husband.  His depression, my depression, OUR depression.

Well, life is certainly full of twists and turns; I have to give it that.  And I’m sure, if I don’t like current situation, the situation will be slightly different tomorrow, then different again the day after that.  And I can take steps to improve things.  I am actually working on it.  I’m just tired.


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