Being Me…

and discovering that that is quite the roller coaster ride. Wanna come along?

Up and down, like a merry-go-round…

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Today has been an up and down sort of day.  I accepted a job through an agency.  That was an up – I certainly need a job.  However, I felt pressured to take it and that just made me angry.  In addition, I gave up on a job that I was hoping to hear about today because…well, they’ve been dragging their heels, taking their time.

This job is good because it will provide a paycheck.  It will also provide decent benefits.  It isn’t a bad drive (that is a HUGE plus right now, with gas prices being what they are).  There’s a small gym onsite, though I probably won’t be able to use that because I’ll need to get home to see the kids.

It is bad because it isn’t what I hoped for.  The environment is different.  I’m going to be dealing with angry people on the phone for at least part of the day, every day.  Yay.  That’s what i need – MORE stress.  And it doesn’t pay particularly well.  There’s a certain disappointment in that; it isn’t that I didn’t expect a pay cut when I moved back here – I just didn’t think it would be this big.  Sigh.

So, basically, I’ve spent the day going from irritated and disappointed to relieved to irritated and disappointed to relieved….all in all, it has been tiring.  I hope at least I can sleep.  Maybe the relief of some of my stress will allow me that at any rate!


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