Being Me…

and discovering that that is quite the roller coaster ride. Wanna come along?

Moving along…

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Oh my life is just exciting right now.  Day before yesterday, I fell while holding my daughter.  I landed full force on one knee.  Yay…that makes going up and down stairs (and sitting in most chairs) such fun…and of course, it was just before my parents-in-law left to take my husband’s grandmother back to Pennsylvania.  I had to call my husband to get him to come down for a few days to help out because it is hard for me to get up and down stairs and also chase after my three-year-old.

In addition, I have a “job interview” today.  I am using quotes because it is actually with an agency.  I thought it was a real job when I set up the interview.  Now that I’ve looked up the company, I realize that it is just an agency and I’ll probably just go in, take some administrative assistant tests, and talk to someone about my experiences.  Still, you never know – bad experiences with agencies in the past don’t mean that this agency won’t be able to help me.  (I still hate the interview process…)

Here’s hoping something works out soon.


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