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Thursday 13: Fifth Edition – 13 Places I’ve Visited

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Ok. This one is tough – 13 places that I have visited and what I liked about each? Hmm…this requires a bit of thought.

  1. Cape Cod:  I stayed in a time share in Mash Pea.  It was a wonderful experience despite the fact that I came down with sinusitus and bronchitus.  The New England clam chowder – the honest-to-goodness clam chowder – is out of this world.  I loved the scenery, the food, the people.
  2. Orlando, FL:  I’ve stayed in a time share (my parents-in-law) a number of times.  I’ve had a terrific time down there, though I realized that I don’t want to live in FL again.  What I liked about my stays is that we were close to everything, including SeaWorld (my favorite place down there).
  3. New Orleans, LA: I visited New Orleans when I was much, much younger – for a World’s Fair.  It was a fantastic experience: lots of action, color, music, food.  Looking back, I realize we didn’t even get into the history of the area, the old houses, the architecture and so much more.  I have to go back some day.
  4. St. Augustine, FL:  A beautiful, beautiful place.  I didn’t get a chance to spend much time there, just a few days, so I want to go back.  I believe that this is the oldest city in the US and there is so much history.  I loved the history of the place, the architecture, the atmosphere.
  5. Chattanoga, TN: I visited Chattanoga several times with my father.  I absolutely LOVE the aquarium there; it is beyond words, really.  I cannot recommend this enough for people that are fascinated by ocean life.
  6. Murfeesboro, NC: This wasn’t a voluntary visit, exactly.  I went there in high school for band camp.  I can’t say that it is a hotbed of activity, but the people there are definitely charming.  It is a family environment and the picture of “small town America.”
  7. Williamsburg, VA:  In terms of history, this is a great place to visit.  I love to walk around Colonial Williamsburg and get a glimpse of how daily life in that time was.  I love the fact that discoveries are still taking place in this area.
  8. The Pocanos, PA: The Pocanos are a mountainous region in Pennsylvania.  I’ve been to several different areas of the Pocanos and they are beautiful – incredibly beautiful.  I love the waterfalls, the mountains, the greenery, the animal life…
  9. Key West, FL: I had a great time visiting the Keys when I was growing up.  If you like sun, sand, and water – hey, this is the place for you.  I imagine the bar scene is fun as well, but I haven’t been back since I was old enough to drink.  I recommend going, if you can get into a place to stay, just for the beauty of the place.  The sunsets are incredible.
  10. Nags Head, NC: A lovely place, and another nice place for beaches.
  11. Duck, NC: Similar to Nags Head – good for beaches, peace and quiet, etc.

Well, this week’s 13 is incomplete – I cannot think of two more places that I’ve visited.  I’ll keep thinking, but I figured I was close enough to include it in the Thursday 13.

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