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Thursday 13 – 3rd Edition – 13 Things I Need to Do SOON

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  1. Get a storage unit. We’ve got to declutter the house before we try to sell it – lots of things need to move, move, move. Well, ok – lots of things also need to be thrown out; that leads to number 2 on the list.
  2. Clean out our stuff. What do we REALLY not want to move again? I plan to donate some books to the library rather than haul them around again. Also, there are things I can probably donate to a women’s shelter. This will take some time – I really should start soon, like this week.
  3. Clean the house. Not much to add to this.
  4. Clean out the flower beds. They have become overgrown and weed-y. I need to remove the old plants that are just kind of mixed together and put in simple, easily cared for plants.
  5. Clean the windows. They haven’t been cleaned in a while and it would be nice is prospective buyers could see out!
  6. Make a list of who to notify about the move. I need to make a list of everyone that will need to be notified of the address change or of the cancellation of services.
  7. Look for and apply for jobs in the new area. I’m including updating my resume and posting it online in this one.
  8. Get my hair cut. Gotta look nice for the job hunt – and this might be the last time to get it cut by my regular stylist.
  9. Write letters to my grandmothers. I’m trying to stay in touch as best as I can right now – at least one letter (with pictures of the kids) per month. They seem to be enjoying it.
  10. Catch up on my reading. I’ve really let this slide.
  11. Catch up on my crafts. I really, really need to work on this. Not because what I’m making is so earthshattering – just because it relaxes me and is a good way for me to de-stress. Goodness knows I need that right now.
  12. Lose weight. Well, this will probably be easier when our situation improves, but I really need to start working on it. I need to get away from “comfort foods” – or at least eat less of them. I need to get more exercise and take better care of myself NOW rather than later.
  13. Make more lists. I need to really start organizing for the move.

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