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Thursday 13 – 2nd Edition

13 things I regret

  1. I regret not being kinder to Lori – a girl I got to know on the bus. I was embarrased by the fact that I knew (in the way that young pre-teens/teens know) that everyone was looking down on me for being her friend. Really, I’m sure no one noticed – I should have been nicer.
  2. I regret not trusting my own knowledge of myself in terms of what career to go into. I listened to my family – to my great detriment – and I am still trying to dig myself out. They don’t (and didn’t) know me as well as they thought.
  3. I regret being kinder than I should have in certain circumstances. Some people really take advantage of that sort of thing.;
  4. I regret worrying so much about so many things as a teen – really, it all turned out (for the most part) ok. The things that are a problem now – I wasn’t worried about then!
  5. I regret many of the things I said to my parents as a teen. If only I knew then what I know now…
  6. I regret that I wasn’t stronger as a child; I should have stood up for a number of people that I knew. I was too afraid.
  7. I regret stealing paper from a company that I worked for a long time ago. I’m far better than they are – or were; they have actually closed that office.
  8. I regret hiring a friend as a subordinate. Of course, I wouldn’t have made him my subordinate – that was my boss’ decision; a poor one, I might add.
  9. I regret telling my family about abuse that happened to me. Since then they’ve decided I need to “reconcile” with the cousin who abused me. Sigh.
  10. I regret pushing my family away, keeping them at arms’ length. Yes, I’ve got some issues with them, but that isn’t the solution and I could be missing out on good relationships. (Excepting that one cousin that abused me – don’t miss that relationship)
  11. I regret leaving band early in high school. Would it have killed me to have stuck out one year once the band director I adored left?
  12. I regret so much of my teen years. I regret friends that I had then, I regret not getting to know others better.
  13. I regret not getting counseling after telling my parents that I had been abused as a young girl. ALWAYS seek counseling – and as parents, always, always, always get the child counseling. My parents took my word, as a 16 year old, that I was fine. I wasn’t.

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