Being Me…

and discovering that that is quite the roller coaster ride. Wanna come along?

Thursday 13 – 1st Edition


Thirteen of Melissa’s Favorite Things

1. Baby giggles
2. Toddler kisses
3. Coffee
4. Quiet time
5. Time alone
6. Fresh baked bread
7. Oatmeal raisin cookies
8. Roses
9. Violets
10. Maine Coon cats
11. Home-cooked meals (especially those I don’t have to cook!)
12. Sunny days at the park
13. Horseback riding

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8 thoughts on “Thursday 13 – 1st Edition

  1. While I don’t know what Maine Coon Cats are, I agree that I like the rest of the things on your list very much. Happy TT.


  2. Thank you! Maine Coons are really wonderful cats – the male I had was the most affectionate cat I’ve ever had. He was also exceptionally friendly – never met a person he didn’t like.


  3. I love time alone too. I think I will find a room somewhere with a BIG tub and just soak the whole weekend!

    My Thursday Thirteen #73 is up! 13 What I Should Have Said and What I Said Stop by if you get a chance.


  4. I love fresh baked bread too.

    Welcome to TT!


  5. Does loving the smell of coffee count? I’m with you on every single one of them, if it does.


  6. Thanks, Nicholas and byrningbunny – I appreciate y’all stopping by. (Why, yes, I am a southern (US) gal, what gave it away?)

    The smell of coffee definitely counts – while I love coffee, even I have to admit that I think it smells FAR better than it tastes!


  7. Nice list. I’m with you on most of them.


  8. Thank you! And thank you for stopping by!


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