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First session with my son and his teacher…

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I guess that you’d call her a teacher. This woman is coming out once a week to help our family – to help our son “catch up” and get up to speed on things that he should be doing by now. Anyway, our first session was yesterday and I think it went very well. Our son demonstrated just how quick on the uptake he can me.

We were working on the sign for more (showing him the sign and saying more – hopefully he’ll start signing or speaking the word). Suddenly, he grabbed the teacher’s hands and made her make the sign! She had only made the sign once or twice, but he showed he understood it. Perhaps it is a small thing, but with so many people saying that there is something wrong, it relieved me to have someone else see that yes, he does understand what is being said.

In addition, while they were playing with bubbles, she asked him where he wanted the bubbles to go and he pointed up. Mind you, he did that on his own – a good, real response to a question. She was pleased by that as well.

He was bashful through this whole process – the teacher (Stacey) indicated that that is probably why he made the sign for more with HER hands rather than his own. She said he will probably be more comfortable doing it on his own in OUR presence rather than hers, at least until he gets used to her.

All in all, after this first session, I feel better. I feel like he’s doing fine and will probably make good progress. I feel like there’s hope. I can’t exactly explain why, but this session was very comforting to me. I guess I need a spot of hope somewhere in my days these days.

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