Being Me…

and discovering that that is quite the roller coaster ride. Wanna come along?

Sleep…or hibernate?

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I really wonder about myself these days.  I know that I’ve had a cold and I need rest.  However, this is really something.  In two days (not two together, mind you), I’ve had 24 hours of sleep!  I swear my body is just taking over and doing what it wants, despite the things I need to do.

I suppose it must be the cold.  I do tend to sleep more when I’m sick.  I have just never done it more than one day, not that I can remember.  I swear my husband was starting to think he’d have to come over and poke me or something, to make sure all was well.  (Just as well he didn’t – it certainly WOULDN’T have been after that!)

I guess this will pass; I certainly hope so.  I can’t keep up with this really, really short days!  I’ve got things that need doing!  I’ve got babies that need me!  (Ok, I’m trying to view this as quality father-and-children time, what do you think?)


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